TruBluDental | Network of Technology Forward Dental Practices

Building the largest platform of technology-oriented independent dentists in the U.S.

Our mission is to preserve independent dentistry and private care

We are focused on leveling the playing field for independent dentists and unlocking profitable practice growth by providing best-in-class services, solutions, and support

Our partner practices have full equity and operational ownership of the practices (we are not a DSO), we are not arbitraging your future value and we have no long-term commitment requirements (practices partner because they want to not have to)

Our strategic partner is:


practice advisors/coaches dispersed nationally


premium dental practices in the U.S.

We are focused on the following major pillars of activity:

Greater control of their care

Increasing direct access to care, driving higher case acceptance, and providing practices and patients greater control of their care.

Largest network of dental practices

Creating the largest network of independent, technology forward dental practices.

Patient centric solutions

Deploying patient centric practice solutions, expanding practice scope and capabilities.

Delivering efficiencies

Leveraging economies of scale in operations for key back office and front office support services delivering efficiencies and greater value capture.

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