Solutions Built to Support Independent Dentists

We’ve listened to what independent dentists need. Our technology and support solutions are a direct response to what’s previously been missing in the industry: software, services and support that improve efficiency and increase profit so that dentists can retain full equity and operational ownership of their practices.

Our solutions include:

  • TruBlu Social Smiles
  • TruBlu Direct
  • TruBlu Plan For Health
  • TruBlu Dental Teams
  • TruBlu Dental Network

TruBlu Social Smiles

TruBlu Social Smiles simplifies the requesting, creation, and distribution of patient videos, generating new patient flow more effectively and affordably than any other marketing you can do!  TruBlu Social Smiles makes maximizing your patient’s appreciation of your dentistry easy. Best of all, you’ll attract new patients like your current ones!

• Easily request testimonials with a simple QR code or link.
• Instantly embed your logo and a link to your practice into the video.
• Patients can share to their social media with one touch.
• Best of all, your practice owns the video to use on your website, social media and MUCH MORE!

TruBlu Direct

TruBlu Direct delivers members economies of scale, a seamless user interface, and a network of providers and resources that can deliver additional value to both the clinical and non-clinical functions.

TruBlu Direct is further supported by expert practices advisors in partnership with Fortune Management, is the must have partner for technology forward dental practices and today’s leading manufacturers, distributors and direct selling and servicing organizations for product, including but not limited to consumables, equipment, and services.

TruBlu Dental Teams

TruBlu Dental Teams was formed to address the lack of a dental-centric solution that efficiently meets the comprehensive needs of today’s dental practices. Our solution provides a modern, cloud-based interface backed by superior customer service, payroll and HR experts, and dental team coaching and development experts.

TruBlu Dental Network

We’re building the largest network of independent dentists. With TruBlu Dental Network, your practice can participate in a secure network agreement with leading dental insurance providers.


TruBlu Plan for Health

Plan for Health is a comprehensive platform designed to help you distinguish your practice, preserve private practice dentistry, and support a philosophy of optimum dental care surrounded by extraordinary teams and practice cultures.

Create Membership plans that fit your practice and treatment philosophy.

Plan For Health