Jennifer Tyson

Jennifer Tyson

COO and Director, Board Member

Jennifer Tyson is an American businesswoman, writer and entrepreneur. Growing up in the world of practice management and personal development, Jennifer grew a strong understanding of what it takes to be successful in the world at a very young age. Even in high school, Jennifer was drawn towards dentistry and even considered the path towards dental school. She was able to work in some of the most elite dental practices in the bay area learning how the best practices ran their businesses. She was able to work in almost every front and back office position learning them thoroughly. During this time Jennifer discovered her passion for business and how creating successful private practices led to improving the standards of healthcare.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing and a minor in Communications from San Jose State University, Jennifer started working as a marketing consultant to many private practices in healthcare starting her own dental marketing firm. She worked with practices developing everything from brand equity to patient acquisition strategies. During this time, she acquired Fortune Management, the nation’s leading and largest practice management organization in healthcare as a marketing client that later developed into a full-time roll as their Director of Marketing.

Now, Jennifer serves as Chief Strategy Officer for Fortune Management, and is involved in all aspects of the company’s growth initiatives and program offerings to their clients. Fortune Management has become the most comprehensive, full-immersion program offered in Dentistry. She is driven and passionate about moving dentistry forward and committed to whatever it takes to do so. She is also director of Plan for Health, the company’s internal dental plan program allowing offices to offer patients an alternative to dental insurance.

In addition to her work at Fortune Management, Jennifer is founder of Virtual Training Innovation, the first ever online training system for dental practices and Co-Author of the best-selling book, Hire to Inspire – what great leaders do to consistently achieve winning results. Jennifer has dedicated her life to improving the business of dentistry and the lives it transforms.