TruBlu Direct Further Enhances Vendor Network with the Addition of Pure Precious Metals Refining for Sustainable and High-Quality Solutions in the Dental Industry

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TruBlu Direct Further Enhances Vendor Network with the Addition of Pure Precious Metals Refining for Sustainable and High-Quality Solutions in the Dental Industry

TruBlu Direct, a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for the dental industry, is excited to announce its collaboration with Pure Precious Metals Refining, a distinguished leader in sustainable refining solutions. As a trusted vendor within the TruBlu Direct member-only platform, Pure Precious Metals Refining brings its cutting-edge and environmentally conscious refining services to independent dental practices, further enhancing TruBlu Direct’s commitment to delivering sustainable and high-quality solutions.

Pure Precious Metals Refining has gained industry recognition for its innovative approach to refining precious metals, setting new benchmarks in quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Through advanced technologies and strict adherence to regulations, Pure Precious Metals Refining minimizes waste generation, reduces carbon emissions, and emphasizes the recycling and reuse of materials, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.

TruBlu Direct members will benefit significantly from Pure Precious Metals Refining’s sustainable refining services. Through this partnership, dental practices can optimize their precious metal recycling processes, ensuring that valuable resources are extracted and refined to minimize waste and maximize returns. This enhances a practice’s financial performance and demonstrates its dedication to sustainable business practices.

“We are delighted to welcome Pure Precious Metals Refining as a trusted vendor,” said Alex Sadusky, CEO at TruBlu Direct. “This collaboration allows us to provide our members with industry-leading sustainable refining solutions. Pure Precious Metals Refining’s commitment to quality and environmental stewardship perfectly aligns with our mission to offer dental practices superior products and services that drive profitability and sustainability.”

“At Pure Precious Metals Refining, we are committed to revolutionizing the refining industry through sustainable practices,” said Luigi Incarnati, Partner at Pure Precious Metals Refining. “Our partnership with TruBlu Direct allows us to expand our reach and provide dental practices with environmentally responsible solutions that add value to their operations. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for the dental industry.”

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TruBlu Direct offers independent dentists’ access to unparalleled value & support in partnership with Dentistry’ leading providers.  For one low monthly fee, members can unlock exclusive savings and benefits on distinct solutions, services, and products.

TruBlu Direct delivers its’ independent dentist members true economies of scale.  As such, each Member, regardless of their practice volume, receives access to the same program benefits.  With TruBlu Direct, each Member maintains flexibility as there are no volume requirements, no long-term contracts, and no membership cancellation fees.  In addition, Members retain complete freedom to utilize the exclusive Vendor programs provided by TruBlu Direct that best suit their needs.

The TruBlu Direct Member Only Portal provides a seamless user interface for dental teams to access the distinctive member benefits & solution while maintaining their preferred operational workflow.

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With TruBlu, independent dentists keep the benefits of independence, unlock value from scale, and are supported by a dental centric ecosystem designed to address independent dentistry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.  Dentists that leverage TruBlu platform maintain full equity and operational ownership of their practices.

The platform seeks to level the playing field for independent dentists in the United States by providing cost-effective access to the necessary systems, tools, and services that have been mostly out of the reach of the solo practitioner.

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